Low, Fixed Prices


Our low prices mean you will drive away feeling great about the price without the need for a complex haggling process with a salesperson. All our cars are priced at wholesale prices so they sell quickly without any fuss. We don’t apply any pressure. Our staff will help you and provide any information you need without any fast talking! There’s no going to see the Manager and talking a deal. Our fixed prices mean you are in total control as there is complete transparency from the outset.

You still get to take the car on a thorough test drive to make sure it meets your needs.

We keep our costs low by not wasting money on costly advertising gimmicks and concentrate on ensuring our cars are dependable vehicles that represent excellent value. In doing that, we’re sure that you’ll get a good deal and you’ll also be happy to tell your friends, family and neighbours.

Because our business model involves low prices and high stock turnover, you may miss out on your preferred car if you are not quick. Don’t be worried if this happens. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll contact you as soon as we get another suitable car. This shouldn’t take too long as we are selecting from around 50 cars a week.


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