We only sell safe cars. Every car we stock has passed a thorough safety inspection by our expect, licenced mechanics. We also service each car immediately before advertising them.

The safety check by our licensed technicians includes:

A comprehensive test drive assessing:

  • Engine Performance
  • Brake Operation
  • Steering Operation
  • Clutch Operation
  • Transmission Operation
  • Noises while driving
  • Other areas specific to the handling and performance of the vehicle

Our technicians check through the engine bay checking:

  • Engine oil
  • Drive Belts
  • Radiator, coolant, hoses and fasteners
  • Battery operation
  • Oil leaks
  • All fluid levels

Our safety check runs through critical areas of vehicle interior including:

  • Seats and Seat belts
  • Park Brake operation
  • Bonnet release
  • Heater fan
  • Heater controls
  • Air Conditioning
  • Sound system
  • Wipers and Screen washers
  • Mirrors
  • Horn

The vehicle exterior is checked for:

  • Light operation
  • Window operation
  • Exhaust smoke
  • Body condition

On the hoist we check:

  • The suspension system
  • CV boots and joints
  • Steering rack and boots
  • Brake pad linings
  • Brake and fuel hoses
  • Tyre Condition
  • Drive shafts and universal joints
  • Exhaust system
  • Fluid leaks